Camp, JCT Cite Data from Tax Foundation’s Facts & Figures Booklet

March 19, 2013

I hope you've checked out our new 2013 Facts & Figures booklet, our pocket- and purse-sized guide ranking all fifty states on forty different measures of tax and fiscal policy. Topics include income tax rates, business tax climates, and excise taxes.

Even though it only came out yesterday, this year's Facts & Figures has already received two impressive citations. This morning, Rep. Dave Camp, the Chairman of the U.S. House Ways & Means Committee, cited 2013 Facts & Figures for income tax rates in his opening statement at a key tax reform hearing. And state sales tax rate information from Facts & Figures made its way into a background report prepared by the Joint Committee on Taxation for members of Congress at that same hearing.

Congress can turn to any number of options for information. It's certainly praiseworthy of our efforts and your support that they turn to the Tax Foundation for reliable, accurate, timely information. I thank you for enabling our success!

Tax Foundation donors should see their copy of Facts & Figures arriving in mailboxes in about ten days or so. Additional copies can be ordered online; that link will be live later this month.

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