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Tax Foundation University

Whether you are a seasoned tax professional or just learning the basics, Tax Foundation University offers valuable knowledge on the individual and business federal tax code and how taxpayers respond to the code. The course is designed for congressional staff, focusing on tax provisions often targeted for reform and explaining current tax issues before Congress with an eye towards their economic implications.

Tax Foundation University Overview

Tax Foundation University is a free lecture series designed to equip Congressional staffers with valuable and timely insights on tax policy and economics.

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Featured Sessions

Praise for Tax Foundation

“The Tax Foundation was a valuable resource for me and my colleagues when we grappled with difficult tax questions in Colorado, and their insight into state taxation would benefit any lawmaker or legislative staffer.”

— Former Colorado Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp (D),
Chair, Sales and Use Tax Simplification Task Force


“My colleagues and I have long turned to the Tax Foundation for answers to our tax policy questions, and I'd encourage any lawmaker or legislative staffer to take this opportunity to learn from them as well.”

— West Virginia Delegate Eric Householder (R),
Chair, House Finance Committee

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