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Our animated explainer videos are designed for the classroom, social media, and anyone looking to boost their tax knowledge on the go.

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It Pays to Keep It Simple including for Tax Compliance and Tax Revenue in the form of Tax Simplicity

It Pays to Keep It Simple

Simplicity in the tax code means taxes should be easy for taxpayers to pay and easy for governments to administer and collect.

Not All Taxes Are Created Equal Tax Types Video

Not All Taxes Are Created Equal

Discover why there are better and worse ways for governments to raise a dollar of revenue. That’s because no two taxes impact the economy the same.

Green Rush: Principles for Taxing Cannabis

Taxing cannabis is brand-new territory. While many states see recreational cannabis as a potential gold mine for tax revenue, the reality of designing a new tax is more complicated.

How do tax brackets work educational video on tax brackets explained

How Do Tax Brackets Work?

Understanding how tax brackets work can inform decisions about performing extra work through a second job or overtime, or pursuing new streams of income.

Tariffs are taxes

Tariffs Are Taxes Too

Even though tariffs are invisible, their effects clearly are not. They might be sold as a tool to strengthen the economy, but tariffs are just taxes that make everyone worse off.

A carbon tax explained

A Carbon Tax, Explained

Every policy has trade-offs, but a well-designed carbon tax has the potential to protect the environment without harming consumers, jobs, or businesses.

Explore the three basic tax types on what you buy, earn, and own.

The Three Basic Tax Types

The better you understand taxes, the better equipped you are to make decisions about them. All taxes can be divided into three basic types: taxes on what you buy, taxes on what you earn, and taxes on what you own.

Who bears the burden of the corporate income tax? Real impact of the corporate tax

Who Bears the Burden of the Corporate Income Tax?

Raising the corporate income tax is often promoted as a way to generate revenue for helpful government services. Unfortunately, higher corporate taxes typically hurt the very people they’re supposed to help through lost wages and fewer opportunities.

GILTI: Foreign Tax, Local Impact

Since only U.S. businesses pay the GILTI tax, not foreign businesses, it makes U.S.-based brands less competitive abroad. Whatever its intentions, GILTI is a flawed policy, and doubling down on it will hurt us abroad, and at home.