Tax Foundation University 2023

Whether you are a seasoned tax professional or just learning the basics, the Tax Foundation University course offers valuable knowledge on the individual and business federal tax code and how taxpayers respond to the code. The course is designed for congressional staff, focusing on tax provisions often targeted for reform and explaining current tax issues before Congress with an eye towards their economic implications.

The Tax Foundation is hosting a two-hour session with our experts to cover the essentials of the tax code and how to analyze tax policy like a Tax Foundation economist. At the end of the session, you will understand the structure of the federal tax code, current tax issues for Congress, and the impact of new and changing tax laws like the provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act and Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Further, you will learn how our experts analyze tax policy and explain its impacts on workers, small businesses, and America’s largest job creators. To finish, we will overview new features of our macroeconomic model that democratize tax analysis.

The 2023 Tax Foundation University session is on Friday, April 21st from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in room 2020 of the Rayburn House Office Building. If you are interested in attending Tax Foundation University, please sign up below.

Also below, find the previous sessions and materials from Tax Foundation University 2022.

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Recent Courses

  • The Corporate Income Tax: The first Tax Foundation University 2022 session explains key parts of the corporate and international tax code, the current tax landscape, implications of scheduled and potential changes, and the latest research on who bears the burden of corporate income taxes.
  • The Individual Income Tax: The second session of Tax Foundation University 2022 covers key parts of the individual tax code, explaining why it contains elements of income and consumption taxes and how it applies to a growing share of businesses, colloquially known as “pass-throughs.”
  • 10 Tax Reforms for Growth and Opportunity: The third session of Tax Foundation University 2022 provides a demo of the Tax Foundation’s Taxes and Growth (TAG) Model and an overview of Tax Foundation’s 10 Tax Reforms for Growth and Opportunity. We discuss how charting a path of increased economic opportunity, innovation and dynamism, growing industries, and greater financial security can be facilitated by better tax policy.