Tax Foundation University

Tax Foundation University 2022 is a free, 3-week lecture series designed to equip congressional staffers with valuable and timely insights on tax policy and economics.

Course Overview

From solving inflation to making tax filing pain-free, policymakers and taxpayers have high expectations for the tax code. Businesses and individuals have seen significant tax provisions expire just as quickly as they were introduced, raising unanswered questions and breeding confusion compounded by the staffing shortages at the IRS. Knowledge about the tax code is at a premium.

In three online sessions, Tax Foundation University will walk through the individual and business tax systems, teaching the essentials of how taxpayers comply with the code. Next, our team will explore how those taxes impact economic growth, wages, employment, and the distribution of the tax burden. We will also cover current issues that Congress could consider, including proposals to mitigate inflation, encourage green energy, and provide relief to workers and families.

Over the three-part series beginning on April 7th, we hope to engage in open discussions that help you learn how to think like an economist. Below find our program and click on each for expanded details. Sign up below.

Week 1 April 7, 2022

The Corporate Income Tax

We’ll explain how to view the economy, the role that taxes play in the economy, and the various measures economists use to talk about the…

Week 2 April 14, 2022

The Individual Income Tax

We will cover the key parts of the individual tax code that contain elements of income taxes and consumption taxes, and apply to a growing…

Week 3 April 21, 2022

10 Tax Reforms for Growth and Opportunity

We will explore how corporations pay taxes through the income and international tax code, the impacts of the current system...

Praise for Tax Foundation University

“The Tax Foundation University program is an exceptional opportunity for Congressional staff to hear from leading policy experts and professors on complex economic and fiscal issues facing Congress…I recommend this program to interested Senate and House staff.”

— U.S. Senate Staffer

“Tax Foundation University covers it all – from basic principles to consumer and business behavior, growth and employment, government fiscal and monetary policy, tax reform, and trade”

— U.S. House Staffer

TaxEDU was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Stiles-Nicholson Foundation.