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Individual Income and Payroll Taxes

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American independence, which we celebrate this week, was born of a tax revolt. See more on "No Taxation without Representation" Fourth of July tax revolt.

Tax Freedom Day 2019 is April 16th

Tax Freedom Day represents how long Americans as a whole have to work in order to pay the nation’s tax burden. In 2019, Americans will pay $3.4 trillion in federal taxes and $1.8 trillion in state and local taxes, for a total bill of over $5.2 trillion, or 29 percent of the nation’s income.

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Gross income definition or gross pay definition TaxEDU Labor Share of Net Income is Within Its Historical Range President Biden Made in America Tax Plan and American Jobs Plan

The Alternative Minimum Tax Still Burdens Taxpayers with Compliance Costs

Although Congress intended the AMT to be a tax on wealthy taxpayers, for much of its history it has subjected middle-income taxpayers in high-tax states to heavy compliance burdens. TCJA reforms that have increased the AMT’s exemption and exemption phaseout threshold will shield some taxpayers from the AMT through 2025, but the number of taxpayers impacted will increase in 2026 when the TCJA’s individual income tax reforms expire.

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entrepreneurship, tax policy and entrepreneurship, entrepreneur taxes

Tax Policy and Entrepreneurship: A Framework for Analysis

A key element of America’s dynamism problem is a drop in entrepreneurship. Removing tax barriers for entrepreneurs would improve America’s dynamism while making America’s tax code more neutral, efficient, and simple for all taxpayers.

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the payroll tax is regressive, while the income tax is progressive

New Report Shows the Burdens of Payroll and Income Taxes

The tax burden for most Americans in 2019 –67.8 percent—will come primarily from payroll taxes, not income taxes. While the income tax is progressive, with average rates rising with income, the payroll tax is regressive, with the highest average rate falling on Americans with the lowest incomes.

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Income changes over the course of an individual's life, average incomes rise with age, average income age income inequality

Average Income Tends to Rise with Age

Average income tends to rise dramatically as someone ages and gains education and experience. Viewing just one year of income tax data without digging any deeper misses some crucial context.

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Wyden 199a pass-through deduction proposal Democrats proposed to expand child tax credit as part of covid relief package. Analysis of the “SALT Act” state and local tax deduction cap, Restoring Tax Fairness to States and Localities Act, SALT cap repeal, eliminate SALT cap

Analysis of the “SALT Act”

Lawmakers recently introduced a bill to repeal the $10,000 cap on the state and local deduction (SALT) and raise the top tax rate on ordinary income from 37 percent to 39.6 percent.

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