Opening the World of Economics

Tax Foundation University is dedicated to opening the world of economics to those interested in advancing economic and fiscal policy.

Every summer, we host an information-packed lecture series on Capitol Hill where the next generation of policymakers can learn from today’s leading experts.

Our lectures cover it all: from basic economic theory, all the way to the best means to grow the economy.

Giving You the Tools to Make Informed Decisions

Through our classes we give you the tools that economists use every day and help you learn how to apply them to your personal, business, and civic choices.

Whether it’s your first interaction with economics, or you are an expert in the field, we hope one of our many courses has a beneficial impact on the way you understand the economy.

Last year, Tax Foundation University featured one course with six one-hour classes:

  • The Foundation of Economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • The Economics of Taxation
  • Understanding the Current Tax System
  • Tax Reform–Setting the Base
  • Tax Reform–the Mechanics of Tax Reform

If you’re not in the Washington, D.C., area, or you can’t make our lectures, don’t worry! Most Tax Foundation University lectures are available free online. Jump into the basics of taxes and the economy with the playlist below.

Praise for Tax Foundation University

“The Tax Foundation University program is an exceptional opportunity for Congressional staff to hear from leading policy experts and professors on complex economic and fiscal issues facing Congress…I recommend this program to interested Senate and House staff.”

– U.S. Senate Republican Staffer

“This program covers it all – from basic principles to consumer and business behavior, growth and employment, government fiscal and monetary policy, tax reform, and trade.”

– Andy Halataei,
Former Congressional Staffer