Statewide Data on Property Taxes for Homeowners

October 6, 2006

We have posted another property tax dataset compiled from the recent Census Bureau release of housing data from the 2005 American Community Survey. Recently we posted data on the property taxes that homeowners pay by county for those counties across the country with populations higher than 60,000. In this dataset, we present the same variables by state, and rank all states (excluding D.C.).

The county dataset showed that residents of New Jersey and New York paid the most in property taxes. New Jersey tops the list in this new dataset as well, in terms of the dollar value of property taxes paid by homeowners. However, New York is ranked fourth, behind New Hampshire and Connecticut. How could New York have so many counties rank high, yet fall to fourth in the statewide ranking? Most likely, this is a result of the fact that much of New York City, where a large fraction of the state’s population resides, has relatively low property taxes on homeowners compared to its neighboring suburban counties. For example, out of 775 counties, the Bronx ranks 246th, Queens 176th, Manhattan (New York County) 62nd, Brooklyn (Kings County) 189th, and Staten Island (Richmond County) 168th.

What is also striking is the dollar value gap between number one New Jersey ($5,352) and number two New Hampshire ($3,920). Louisiana is at the bottom at $175 in median real estate taxes paid on owner-occupied housing.

In terms of median real estate taxes as a percentage of median home value by state, Wisconsin ranks number one, followed by Texas, Nebraska, Vermont, and New Hampshire. New Jersey is ranked sixth and New York 16th. New Jersey, however, does rank number one in terms of median real estate taxes as a percentage of the median income for a household with owner-occupied housing.


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