New Calculator of Income Tax Scenarios in 2011 Gets Good Press

July 29, 2010

Our new calculator of potential 2011 income tax liabilities at got a good technical review from a blog that builds and evaluates online utilities, many of which concern economics and public finances.

The blog is Political Calculations, which calls itself the blogosphere's toolchest. Here are some excerpts from their review:

We found it very easy to understand what kind of data we were supposed to enter as well as what the output results communicated.
We therefore find the compromise between a complicated user interface and the detailed results of the tool to be justified, …

We're also fans of the tool's automatic update feature, which users have the option of disabling (by unchecking a box). This is a really nice touch, making it possible for users to change a number of fields without the distraction of having the output fields flicker and change with each edit. …

The bottom line? The MyTaxBurden calculator is a very well done tool that will allow its users to obtain high quality information of special relevance to them.

The MyTaxBurden calculator, created by Nicholas A. Kasprak, therefore earns our second-highest online tool design award: the Silver Standard. The only thing keeping it from earning our Gold Standard is its very time-specific focus-it will only produce relevant results for the individuals who might use it in 2010 and 2011.

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