Candidates Beware! We Are Watching You

October 10, 2008

As has been apparent if you're a regular reader of this blog, our Senior Economist Gerald Prante has been our in-house fact-checker on all tax policy claims from the ads, speeches and debates of the Obama and McCain campaigns. While the Democratic and GOP nominees for President might not be paying attention, at least some in the media appreciate our efforts.

Gerald has written a fact-check post for the "Congress Blog" on The Hill. While he calls out Obama for being misleading on health care, while also pinning down McCain for being just as misleading on his concern for our national debt, Gerald gives us some food for thought:

"An interesting question to ponder is whether or not Presidential campaigns could live up to the same standards that businesses are held to when advertising their products and services to consumers."

Anyhow, CNN interviewed Gerald on McCain's claim that Obama would raise taxes on small businesses, and the Boston Globe has used Gerald's material on Obama's claim that McCain would give an additional $700K in tax breaks to the average Fortune 500 CEO.

Make sure to check out Gerald's next fact-check piece after the last Presidential debate on October 15. And listen to our latest Podcasts on the "Facts and Falsehoods" of both campaigns' tax proposals: one on Obama and one on McCain.

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