Virginia Governor Reiterates Driver Surcharge Repeal

January 17, 2008

In a Washington Post chat yesterday, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine reiterated his recent decision to seek repeal of Virginia’s abusive driver surcharges, which we mentioned earlier this week:

Alexandria, Va.: When exactly will the abusive driver law be repealed and will it be retroactive?

Tim Kaine: I believe the legislature will follow my suggestion that the abusive driver fees should be repealed. Normally, this kind of legislative action would be implemented on July 1, but if the legislature votes in a super-majority fashion for the repeal there are some circumstances where it can take place immediately. Some of the introduced legislation includes a rebate for those who have been affected already.

We’ve covered how this is an example of politicians targeting easy revenue sources for punitive taxes, the public outcry over the huge assessments, and finally, the pending court challenges, so it’s good that they may soon be history. With refunds for those who have had to pay the surcharges, too!


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