Vast Majority of California Voters Like Jerry Brown’s Tax Increase Plan

December 14, 2011

According to a new survey by the Public Policy Institute of California, most Californians are in favor of Jerry Brown’s recent proposal to increase income taxes on high income earners and increase the sales tax from 7.25 to 7.75 percent. From their press release:

  • “Sixty-five percent of all adults and 60 percent of likely voters favor the proposal, while 28 percent of adults and 36 percent of likely voters oppose it.”
  • “Nearly all Californians (93%) say the state’s budget situation is a problem. Most residents (62%) say their local government services-those provided by cities, counties, and public schools-have been affected a lot by recent budget cuts.”
  • “When Californians are asked a follow-up question about how they view his proposal if new revenue were to go directly to schools, 70 percent of all adults and 58 percent of likely voters favor it (27% all adults, 37% likely voters opposed).”
  • “With K-12 education making up a large share of the expected ‘trigger cuts,’ a strong majority (85%) of Californians are concerned (53% very, 32% somewhat) about the potential effects on public schools.”

For a list of the five ballot initiative proposals bubbling up in California, click here.

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