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Individual Tax Expenditures, Credits, and Deductions

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trends in state tax policy, 2019 state tax trends

Tax Trends Heading Into 2019

In 2019, key trends in state tax policy include reductions in corporate tax rates, updating sales tax systems to include remote online sales, taxes on marijuana and sports betting, gross receipts taxes, and more. Explore our new 2019 guide!

32 min read
South Carolina Tax Reform

South Carolina: A Road Map For Tax Reform

South Carolina is by no means a high tax state, though it can feel that way for certain taxpayers. The problems with South Carolina’s tax code come down to poor tax structure. Explore our new comprehensive guide to see how South Carolina can achieve meaningful tax reform.

16 min read
2019 federal income tax brackets, new 2019 tax rates, 2019 tax rate changes, federal standard deduction, EITC, child credit, capital gain taxes.

2019 Tax Brackets

The IRS recently released its 2019 individual income tax brackets and rates. Check out the new standard deduction, child tax credit, earned income tax credit, rates and brackets, and more.

5 min read