Tax Foundation President on Fox News Discussing Daschle and Tax Complexity

February 3, 2009

Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge appeared with Republican strategist Karen Hanretty on Fox News’s Your World with Neil Cavuto last night (Monday, February 2, 2009) to talk about recent news involving Health and Human Services Secretary-Designate Tom Daschle’s failure to report consulting income and non-monetary benefits he received from his former business partner. Scott takes the opportunity from this issue to promote one of our ten principles of sound tax policy: keeping the tax code simple.

You can see the video here.

Our Vice President for Economic Policy Robert Carroll, who was once the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Tax Analysis under Hank Paulson at the Treasury Department, blogged on this story yesterday, saying that it’s “interesting and a bit ironic that both [Daschle and Treasury Secretary Timothy Giethner] blamed their problems either explicitly or implicitly on the complexity of the tax code.

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