April 13, 2010

Tax Foundation Interactive

Welcome to Tax Foundation Interactive, a project of the Tax Foundation’s research team designed to put you in control. Tax Foundation Interactive personalizes tax policy by providing online calculators, allowing users to gauge how tax policies affect them directly. Tax Foundation Interactive also provides many look-up tools, allowing users to find only the information they want and to find it quickly.

Tax Foundation Interactive has many exciting tools planned for the future, and we are always closely following current events in tax policy to provide new innovative tools to keep you informed. Below is a full list of the tools available right now.

Medicare Tax Increase Calculator

Calculates the increase in your tax bill from the Medicare tax increase portion of the health care bill

Household Corporate Income Tax Calculator

Estimates how much you are paying in federal corporate income taxes

State and Local Tax Burden Look-Up

Allows you to choose your state and track how the state and local tax burden in your state has changed since 1977, both in an absolute sense and relative to other states

State-to-State Migration Profile

Choose a state and we’ll tell you how many people and how much income have moved to or from that state from every other state since 1993

State Tax Rates Look-Up

Allows you to pick a state and a type of tax. It then provides you with the relevant tax rate and other important information about that tax

Property Tax by County Look-Up

Choose your county and we tell you how your county stacks up in terms of property tax burdens

Expiring Tax Cuts Calculator

Estimates how much your tax bill would change as a result of the tax cuts expiring at the end of 2010, along with other scenarios

Household VAT Calculator

Estimates how much your family would pay in higher taxes as a result of a hypothetical value added tax (VAT) that raised $200 billion per year


Your Tax Share vs. Rest of America’s Tax Share

Estimates your total federal taxes paid and compares that with the rest of America. Do you pay more than most? Do you pay less than most other Americans? This tool will tell you.

Tax Reform Simulator

This tool allows you to be tax reform king. Want to lower marginal tax rates but raise the same amount of revenue? Pick a tax preference (e.g. deduction) to eliminate, and we’ll tell you how low the rates can go but still raise the same amount in tax revenue.