State Tax Policy Boot Camp

Our State Tax Policy Boot Camp is a free, 6-week program designed to equip state policymakers with valuable and timely insights on tax policy issues that really matter.

Course Overview

Beginning February 16th, please join us each Tuesday at 10 a.m. Eastern Time for a free virtual “boot camp” for state legislators, their staff, and others interested in state tax policy. Across six sessions in February and March, we’ll get into the weeds on tax policy in ways that really matter—not arcana, but relevant information to better equip policymakers to engage in informed deliberation.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussion, and recordings of each session will also be provided after the event. For a more in-depth look at what we’ll cover each week, click on the session below. 

Week 1 February 16, 2021

Tax Policy 101, Part 1: Income and Unemployment Insurance Taxes

In the first of our six sessions, we will explore individual and corporate income taxes plus unemployment insurance taxes.

Week 2 February 23, 2021

Tax Policy 101, Part 2: Sales, Property, and Other Taxes

In the second part of our overview of major state and local taxes, we tackle sales and excise taxes, property taxes, severance taxes, and other…

Week 3 March 2, 2021

State Taxation and Remote Work

The pandemic has changed how we live and work, and for many, some of those changes may be permanent. But what are the tax implications…

Week 4 March 9, 2021

Excise Taxes on New and Existing Markets

With revenues short of pre-pandemic projections, many states are looking to excise taxes as a way to plug revenue gaps, sometimes by raising existing tax…

Week 5 March 16, 2021

New Issues in State Taxation

Recent years have seen expanded interest in new or less common forms of taxation—things like wealth taxes, digital advertising taxes, excess compensation taxes, and financial…

Week 6 March 23, 2021

Tax Policy and the Economic Recovery

State revenues have not taken as much of a hit as was once feared, but state lawmakers still face the difficult task of balancing responses…

Praise for Tax Foundation

“The Tax Foundation was a valuable resource for me and my colleagues when we grappled with difficult tax questions in Colorado, and their insight into state taxation would benefit any lawmaker or legislative staffer.”

— Former Colorado Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp (D), Chair, Sales and Use Tax Simplification Task Force

“My colleagues and I have long turned to the Tax Foundation for answers to our tax policy questions, and I'd encourage any lawmaker or legislative staffer to take this opportunity to learn from them as well.”

— West Virginia Delegate Eric Householder (R), Chair, House Finance Committee

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