A Response to Chairman Patty Murray on the Sequester

April 10, 2013

Yesterday, Senate Budget Chairman Patty Murray launched a campaign for public comment on how sequestration was affecting the livelihoods of Americans. In her words, “our whole economy [is] threatened as these senseless cuts continue to mount.”

Today, I submitted a comment:

I live inside the beltway, which is virtually the only area that should be seeing strong impacts of the sequester. I have seen exactly none. It is true, this is not the ideal way to cut spending. The items that need addressing in the long run are entitlements, especially Medicare. However, both parties have proven in word and deed that they are not willing to take on the challenge of reforming those politically popular programs, and so I will gladly settle for this spending cut that amounts to 0.26 percent of GDP.

I'm fairly strongly convinced that the reason Senate leadership is starting this "tell us what you think" campaign is that there has been virtually no visible signs of damage wrought by the sequester, and this campaign hopes to crowd-source some sympathy stories. I am also fairly certain this endeavor will not be fruitful, as well-paid government contractors are generally not the most sympathetic victims. I wish you luck.

Scott Drenkard
Tax Foundation

I’ll let you know if I get a response.

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