July 20, 2009

Despite the senators outspeaking her twice over, Judge Sotomayor seems to have impressed enough to be on track for an easy confirmation. Nevertheless, the piece Travis and I authored on her tax opinions has received a fair bit of attention, appearing in this week’s State Tax Notes and being hyped by our good (if always disagreeable?) friend David Brunori:

I don’t always agree with Joe Henchman over at the Tax Foundation. Heck I almost never agree with him. But his editorial on Judge Sotomayor that appears in State Tax Notes and State Tax Today and on the Tax Foundation website is an excellent read.[…] Henchman believes that Sotomayor’s siding with increased regulation in New York and with the IRS shows a proclivity to be a pro-tax judge. I think the jury is still out, but Henchman’s piece is certainly worth reading.

That’s not bad as far as compliments go. Sometimes we take em where we can get em, like the one we received last week from Daily Kos:

One house keeping note; all the tax rates for every year can be found at the Tax Foundation. Sure they are a conservative group, but they do provide good accurate date on the historical tax rates. They just draw the wrong conclusions form [sic] the data.

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