Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Challenger Campaigns on Property Tax Issue

September 29, 2006

Property tax relief has long been an issue in Pennsylvania, and it has now been incorporated into a gubernatorial candidate’s campaign ads. From the Patriot-News:

The attack ads have begun in the governor’s race.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann fired the first shot with his new ad, “Headstand.” The ad takes Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell to task for breaking his 2002 campaign promise that he would reduce property taxes by 30 percent.

The ad features a man carrying a cardboard cutout of Rendell asking people if their property taxes have been reduced. At each turn, the interviewer and the cardboard version of Rendell are met with a frosty reception and a resounding “no.” It ends with the interviewer dumping Rendell in a garbage can and uttering, “I don’t know, Ed. This isn’t looking so good.”

The governor has not been entirely idle on the issue of property taxes however, and the legislature has passed two bills that would reduce property taxes through a combination of slot-machine tax revenue and increased local income taxes. Both bills unnecessarily complicate Pennsylvania’s tax system, as we have written before, and the best option for decreasing property taxes is the most obvious one: simply lowering property tax rates.

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