Mexico Considers Border Fence to Halt Californians Fleeing High Taxes

April 1, 2013

Mexican border officials announced the weekend interdiction of a record number of Californians attempting to flee their home state, seeking to cross the border illegally in search of a better life south of the border.

Border patrol officials in Tijuana warned that the human tide has reached record levels since California raised its top income tax rate to 13.3 percent in November, joining high sales and business taxes. A separate retroactive business tax and a proposed exit tax has increased the outbound migration. Mexican officials are debating whether to construct a border fence and reinforce border agent numbers.

Professional golfer Phil Mickelson made quite a stir in January when he threated to leave the state, but it looks like he’s not the only one who does not like his new tax burden. Citizens of all income levels are leaving California in search of promise in their new land of opportunity.

“I love my new home. You just can’t survive with that broken California tax system,” said John Smith, one recently landed immigrant, said. “So I figured I would go to a place where I feel a little more welcome.”

Local residents are not so sure the American immigrants will enjoy the Mexican tax treatment much better.

“They’ll be in for a big surprise when they get their first paycheck and see the taxes are not much better,” one restaurant owner said. “But I’ll let them figure that out on their own.”

All the same, business is booming for a few borders towns. The desert city of Mexicali and the beach town of Rosarito Beach have seen the biggest difference. One local business owner said he has seen his sales soar 100 percent since November.

But the insurgence of American labor is not going unnoticed by the local authorities.

“The trouble is, these people are all here illegally,” one local labor official said. “They can’t stay.”

“It’s creating a real problem for us,” one Mexican border security official said. “Now we’ve got to round them up and send them home ourselves, because we know they’re not going to ‘self-deport’ back to California.”

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