Lunch Links: New York City Gives Tax Credits to the Dead; Why New Jersey is Out of Road Money; Nebraska Taxreformus Pokemon

July 11, 2016

Today is July 11, the date in 1804 of the famous duel between Vice President Aaron Burr and former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. The animosity between the two was built on the differing economic philosophies of their political parties, and years of personal animosity built on top of that. Hamilton died and Burr’s political future was wrecked.

Here are some interesting links I came across:

  • Florida Congresswoman Indicted for Tax Obstruction and Charity Fraud: Rep. Corrine Brown (D) and her chief of staff were charged Friday with 24 criminal counts relating to their solicitation of donations for the charitable organization One Door for Education, which donors were told was a tax-exempt charity giving money for college scholarships and school computers. Much of the money went to Brown’s bank account and to pay for her expenses. Brown also took fictional donations to the organization and to others as a tax deduction. (U.S. Justice Department)
  • Democratic Platform Includes Tax Proposals: My colleague Scott Greenberg reviews what’s in, both on payroll and business taxes and individual taxes. (Tax Foundation)
  • NYC Giving Tax Credits to the Dead: New York City’s comptroller Scott Stringer has discovered that New York City provided tax credits to 3,200 deceased individuals, and several hundred more who were otherwise ineligible.
  • New Jersey Woman Finds Lottery Ticket While Doing Her Taxes: Yokasta Boyer found a lottery ticket while pulling together papers for her taxes, checked the numbers on the lottery’s website, and found it was worth $472,271. She filed her claim on April 1; the deadline was April 14. (Forbes)
  • Why New Jersey Transportation Fund is Bust: We previously covered the ongoing negotiations over fixing New Jersey’s transportation funding, but why are things so bad? Since 1998, the state has borrowed to pay for new projects and now 100 percent of fuel tax revenues goes for paying down debt on past projects. (Tax Foundation / Transport for America)
  • Higher Philadelphia Cigarette Tax Increase Way Off Projection: Philadelphia hoped a $2 per pack cigarette tax would raise $77.5 million, but it only brought in $59 million. (Commonwealth Foundation)
  • New Hampshire Business Tax Cut on Track: New Hampshire will see a modest cut in its high business taxes, triggered by a good revenue outlook. (Tax Foundation)
  • Reforming Nebraska’s Tax System: Nebraska’s Platte Institute says you can catch the rare Taxreformus Pokemon on August 17, when they have an all-day event on the topic. My colleagues Scott Drenkard and Jared Walczak will be presenting. (Platte Institute)

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