Blog Post Round-Up

March 9, 2008

  • Tax/Fee Confusion and Scare Tactics in Virginia: In hopes of scaring the unconstitutional Northern Virginia Transportation Authority taxes back into existence, interested government officials are warning that the Virginia Supreme Court’s ruling could threaten fees which sustain park and sewer services.
  • Addicted to Cigarette Taxes: Congress is currently considering bills (H.R. 1108 and S. 625) authorizing the Food and Drug Administration to regulate the tobacco industry. Largely unnoticed is the fact that this legislation would perpetuate injustice in the tax system.
  • Vermont Senate Puts an End to Governor’s Lottery Lease Proposal: So far the states that have looked into lottery privatization have been reluctant to give up control of what is perceived as a lucrative state asset, and no state has proceeded with a lease or sale.
  • Pittsburgh Car Rental Tax Harming Car Sharing Services: Local governments have often targeted rental cars for punitive taxation, as a way of exporting tax burdens to out-of-staters who usually rent cars and don’t vote in the jurisdiction. But as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, poorly worded rental car taxes are hitting car sharing services as well.
  • Chicago to Have Highest U.S. Sales Tax; Enrolled Bill Shenanigans: Early Saturday, the Cook County Board voted 9-8 to raise their sales tax by a percentage point, to 10.25 percent, making it the highest in the country. Interestingly, the official record will say that Cook County’s budget was passed at 11:55 PM on Friday night, not early Saturday morning at about 1AM when it actually was.

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