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The Tax Foundation is the world’s leading independent tax policy 501(c)(3) nonprofit. For over 80 years, our mission has remained the same: to improve lives through tax policies that lead to greater economic growth and opportunity.

Our Center for Federal Tax PolicyCenter for State Tax Policy, and Center for Global Tax Policy each produce timely and high-quality research and analysis that influences the debate toward economically principled tax policies. Our experts are continuously analyzing the day’s most relevant tax policy topics and are relied upon routinely for presentations, testimony, and media appearances on tax issues spanning every level of government.

Likewise, providing journalists, taxpayers, and policymakers with basic data on taxes and spending has been a cornerstone of the Tax Foundation’s educational mission since its founding. As we wrote in our first edition of Facts & Figures in 1941, “Facts give a broader perspective; facts dissipate predilections and prejudices…[and are] an important step to meet the challenge presented by the broad problems of public finance.”

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Tax Expenditures interest deductions, sources of personal income, Gross Receipts Taxes

Interest Deductibility – Issues and Reforms

Interest deductibility creates holes in the tax base, distorts corporate investment strategies, and contributes to a potentially dangerous macroeconomic environment of overleveraging.

20 min read
International Tax

Competitiveness Impact of Tax Reform for the United States

U.S. taxes on new business investment are uncompetitive globally. While corporate tax rate reductions would have a significant impact on competitiveness, expensing proposals currently being considered would add much more grease to make the wheels turn in the U.S. economy.

16 min read
American Flags - Tax Freedom Day

Tax Freedom Day 2017 is April 23rd

Tax Freedom Day® is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for the year. This year, Tax Freedom Day falls on April 23rd, 113 days into the year.

3 min read
Tax Calculator alternative minimum tax

The State and Local Tax Deduction: A Primer

Taxpayers who itemize deductions on their federal income tax are permitted to deduct certain taxes paid to state and local governments from their gross income for federal income tax liability purposes.

26 min read
Data: Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures 2017: How Does Your State Compare?

How do taxes in your state compare nationally? This convenient resource compares the 50 states on many different measures of taxing and spending, including individual and corporate income tax rates, business tax climates, excise taxes, tax burdens and state spending.

1 min read