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Tax Foundation University: The Individual Income Tax

Presented by:
Erica York Erica York
Garrett Watson Garrett Watson

The second session of Tax Foundation University 2022 will cover key parts of the individual tax code, explaining why it contains elements of income and consumption taxes and how it applies to a growing share of businesses, colloquially known as “pass-throughs.” 

Our experts will discuss the temporary expansion of work and child-related provisions and its impact on growth. Finally, you will learn about ideas proposed as part of the Build Back Better agenda, including a high-income surcharge, mark-to-market tax, and pass-through business tax increases.

Areas of Focus

  • The Components of a Typical Tax Return 

  • Basis of Our Tax Code

  • Is the Tax Code Progressive?

  • Family and Worker Credits 

  • BBB Proposals

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Glossary Terms

Individual Income Tax, Pass-through Business, Standard Deduction, Itemized Deduction, Pass-through Business Deduction (Sec. 199A Deduction), Tax Exemption, Tax Bracket, Marginal Tax Rate, Average Tax Rate, Progressive Tax, Child Tax Credit (CTC), Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Mark-to-Market (MTM), Wealth Tax