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Wyden 199a pass-through deduction proposal Democrats proposed to expand child tax credit as part of covid relief package. Analysis of the “SALT Act” state and local tax deduction cap, Restoring Tax Fairness to States and Localities Act, SALT cap repeal, eliminate SALT cap

Analysis of the “SALT Act”

Lawmakers recently introduced a bill to repeal the $10,000 cap on the state and local deduction (SALT) and raise the top tax rate on ordinary income from 37 percent to 39.6 percent.

4 min read
GILTI global minimum tax Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

What Happens When Everyone is GILTI?

Secretary Mnuchin, Finance Minister Le Maire, and other tax policy leaders should encourage the OECD and their own research staff to perform serious economic analysis on the alternatives for changing international tax rules before moving forward. It would be quite unfortunate for the world to learn the wrong lessons from U.S. tax reform.

3 min read
Austria Tax Reform

Opportunities for Pro-Growth Tax Reform in Austria

Austria needs to pursue comprehensive business and individual tax reform if it wants to remain competitive. Our new guide explores several ways the Austrian government can achieve a simpler, more pro-growth tax code.

10 min read