From the Archives: Tax Wisdom in 1976

August 25, 2011

The April 1976 issue of Tax Features, the newsletter that preceded Tax Watch, contains a feature called “The Soap Box,” a short list of pithy quotes about tax and fiscal policy. Here are the best ones:

♦ “HELP . ONE TAX BITE I S ENOUGH . . . the double taxation of dividends is an inequity that needs immediate attention. We must make it attractive for individuals and corporations to put their capital to work productively. The double taxation of dividends encourages debt financing and discourages equity financing. It’s not an us-vs.-them issue. We’re all in the same boat.”

-Dean Witter

♦”Increased capital formation is essential to meeting our long-term goals of full employment and noninflationary growth.”

-Gerald R. Ford

♦ “I strongly believe that the individual wage-earner has the right to spend his own money on the goods and services he wants, rather than having the Government increase its control over the disposition of his income.”

-Gerald R. Ford

♦ “Our economic system has been seriously damaged by Congress’s fiscal irresponsibility. “

-Rep. William L. Armstrong (Colo.)

♦ “The biggest obstacle to job creation in the U.S. today is Congress . . . “

-Business Week, Dec. 29, 1976

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