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Kyle Hulehan Tax Foundation

Kyle Hulehan

Senior Marketing Associate

As Senior Marketing Associate, Kyle Hulehan helps market the Tax Foundation’s research and analysis to legislators, the media, and taxpayers via email, web, and social media strategies. Kyle is also the host of The Deduction podcast.

Kyle Hulehan first joined the Tax Foundation in 2018 as an intern and then worked with several state-based nonprofits. Kyle completed his BA in Political Science at Grove City (Pa.) College before rejoining the Tax Foundation in 2022.

Kyle grew up in Roebling, New Jersey (20 miles southwest of the state’s capital, Trenton), where he is still a resident. He enjoys writing poetry, watching sports, and playing tennis in his free time.

Written Works

House GOP Tax Plan: Details & Analysis

Let Mattel You about Barbie’s Taxes

In Greta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie, Barbie’s venture outside of Barbieland introduces her to new experiences. But what about Barbie and taxes?

3 min read