Tax Foundation Internship Program

About Our Internship Program

At the Tax Foundation, our interns work on substantive projects that have a real impact on national, state, and global tax reform debates. Our program not only introduces you to the principles of sound tax policy but teaches you how to apply them in advancing public policy.

As we are one of the most effective policy think tanks in the nation, interns gain experience from a talented and dynamic team passionate about working with policymakers on both sides of the aisle to improve lives through smarter tax policy.

Working directly with our staff, you will gain firsthand experience working on state policy, federal policy, tax law, marketing, or development. You will also hear from expert speakers on a variety of related topics.

The Tax Foundation is happy to work with outside fellowship programs to host interns, and to assist in arranging for school credit. Full-time summer interns will be compensated $14 per hour. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our D.C. office has been officially closed and employees have been working remotely. We expect this to continue into the 2021 summer and as a result, we will consider interns who are not based in the D.C. area.

Tax Foundation internships are available each summer, and applications are considered on a rolling basis, with preference given to earlier applications.

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Internship Tracks

Federal Tax Policy

Federal Policy interns work with Tax Foundation economists to prepare, model, and write analysis on proposals from federal policymakers.

State Tax Policy

State Policy interns track major state fiscal issues, research trends, and conduct policy analysis, supporting our efforts to report and comment on current state tax topics.

Global Tax Policy

Global Policy interns work with Tax Foundation economists to prepare and write analysis on emerging global tax trends, including proposals in the OECD and EU.

Marketing And Communications

Marketing interns help with all aspects of outreach including media relations, social media, email marketing, website optimization, and more.


Development interns help support fundraising efforts through innovative print and digital campaigns and targeted networking events.

Past Intern Projects

Our internship program is a chance for you to show off your skills and build a portfolio. We will rely on you to complete real projects that are central to our mission. You can see some examples of past intern work below.


“I have learned more over the summer with Tax Foundation than most semesters at school. I am grateful for the time staff took to explain things to me, and now I can think about taxes like an economist.” – Summer 2019 Intern
“Working for the Tax Foundation fundamentally changed the way I view policy and economics. I know the skills I gained in comprehending, interpreting, and critiquing research and policy will stay with me throughout my career.” – Summer 2019 Intern
“Incredibly engaged, motivated, and intelligent employees. Pleasure to work in such an exciting and collaborative work environment.” – Fall 2017 Intern
“What a journey it has been! My sudden keen interest upon the Tax Foundation’s work launched me into a spectacular internship…one whose experiences I noted more times than I can count on my application to economics PhD programs. Here’s to the Tax Foundation!” – Summer 2016 Intern
“Excellent place to explore tax policy in-depth and with some of the leading thinkers in the area. The interns at TF had an incredible amount of flexibility, everyone was extremely inviting, and there was a clear willingness to learn and have fun.” – Fall 2016 Intern

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If you have any questions, contact human resources at