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Cell Phone Tax Burdens State-by-State | Posted October 11, 2016
Does Your State Tax Business Inventory? | Posted September 07, 2016
The Real Value of $100 in Each State | Posted August 04, 2016
Median Property Taxes by County | Posted May 17, 2016
Oregon’s Initiative Petition 28 | Posted April 28, 2016
How High Are Beer Taxes in Your State? | Posted March 17, 2016
How High Are Sales Taxes in Your State? | Posted March 09, 2016
State Gasoline Tax Rates in 2016 | Posted March 03, 2016
Which States Rely the Most on Federal Aid? | Posted January 06, 2016
How High Are Champagne Taxes in Your State? | Posted December 29, 2015
Does Your State Levy a Capital Stock Tax? | Posted September 23, 2015
How Is Your State’s Road Spending Funded? | Posted September 16, 2015
State Sales Tax Holidays in 2015 | Posted August 19, 2015


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