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State and Local Tax (SALT) Deduction

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New Jersey Tax Reform Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Federal Tax Reform Might Push New Jersey to Reform Tax System

New Jersey has the worst state business tax climate of the 50 states and the third highest state and local tax burden. If federal tax reform prompts New Jersey to overhaul its tax code, it’s long overdue.

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State and Local Deductions by County

Eliminating the SALT Deduction Under the “Big Six” Tax Plan

The state and local tax deduction favors high-income individuals in high-tax states. Six states—California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, and Pennsylvania—claim more than half of the value of the deduction.

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United States map, The US States which are impacted by federal tax reform

Is the State and Local Tax Deduction in Place to Protect Against Double Taxation?

Repealing the state and local tax deduction will be an important part of pro-growth tax reform. Eliminating the deduction would free up $1.8 trillion to use for lowering rates across the board. Special interest groups will want you to think this deduction protects you against double taxation. Don’t fall for it.

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Tax Calculator alternative minimum tax

The State and Local Tax Deduction: A Primer

Taxpayers who itemize deductions on their federal income tax are permitted to deduct certain taxes paid to state and local governments from their gross income for federal income tax liability purposes.

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