May 2, 2006

Resources on Oil Industry Windfall Profit Taxes

Download The Windfall Profit Tax on Crude Oil: Overview of the Issues

With gas prices on the rise, members of Congress have renewed calls for a “windfall profit” tax on U.S. oil companies. However, previous Tax Foundation research cautions against these taxes, illustrating that they are both economically harmful and a poor revenue source.

“America’s last experiment with windfall profits taxes in the 1980s proved to be economically harmful,” said staff economist Jonathan Williams. “The tax not only failed to raise a fraction of the revenue forecasted, but also stunted domestic oil production.”

For previous research on windfall profits, please see the following:

Tax Foundation Commentary and Op-Eds
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Tax Foundation Analysis and Studies
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Studies from Other Organizations
Salvatore Lazzari, “The Windfall Profit Tax on Crude Oil: Overview of the Issues.” Congressional Research Service Report for Congress (September 12, 1990).

For more on gas prices and taxes, please visit our “Gasoline Taxes” section.

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