July 1, 2003

A Taxpayer’s Guide to Federal Spending, Fiscal Year 2004

Download A Taxpayer’s Guide to Federal Spending, Fiscal Year 2004

This accessible volume is the Federal Budget of the U.S. Government writ small, and in plain English. Though the President’s Budget was over 2,500 pages, the Taxpayer’s Guide cuts almost 90 percent of it—and you won’t miss a thing.

Unlike the “Citizen Guide” booklet that comes with the Budget and is designed to sell the President’s ideas to the public, the Tax Foundation’s fully indexed reference book mirrors the actual Budget. Organized by department, agency, program area, and individual expenditure account, it conveys all the essential information in the Budget in 282 statistics-rich pages. This book boils down the President’s Budget to one tenth its size—but you won’t miss a thing.

Order your copy today by calling (202) 464-6200. Paperback $20.00 (FedEx Ground included within the continental United Sates).

Note: Following the 7th edition, the Taxpayer’s Guide will no longer be updated by the Tax Foundation. Copies of editions 1-7 are still available.

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