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Tax Foundation University: The Corporate Income Tax

Presented by:
Erica York Erica York
Garrett Watson Garrett Watson
Daniel Bunn Daniel Bunn

The first of our three Tax Foundation University 2022 sessions will explain key parts of the corporate and international tax code, the current tax landscape, implications of scheduled and potential changes, and the latest research on who bears the burden of corporate income taxes.

We will discuss key concepts proposed as part of the Build Back Better agenda, such as profit shifting, differences between taxable and book income, and the tax treatment of other types of financial income. To finish, we will offer a lay of the land for international tax provisions and how the OECD tax deal could play a significant role in U.S. tax policy.

Areas of Focus

  • The Basics of the Corporate Income Tax
  • Impact of the Corporate Tax on Workers and Businesses
  • Do Corporations Pay “Zero” in Federal Taxes?
  • Corporate Book Minimum Tax, Higher Corporate Rate, and R&D Tax Policies
  • International Tax Code and OECD Tax Deal Discussion

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Glossary Terms

Corporate Income Tax, Cost Recovery, Taxable Income, Book Income, OECD Pillar 1, OECD Pillar 2