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UK 2021 budget Rishi sunak 2021 UK budget 2021

An Investment Boost in the UK’s 2021 Budget

The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak released the 2021 budget, and most important for near-term growth is the significant boost to capital allowances.

5 min read
UK tax reform, 2021 budget UK 2021 budget, UK corporate tax reform, UK corporation tax rate

The UK Should Not Ignore Problems with its Corporate Tax Base

While the UK is looking at ways to raise tax revenue to cover the revenue shortfalls and additional spending resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, short- as well as long-term, investment will be crucial in getting the economy back on track and ensuring economic growth.

3 min read
DeSantis gas tax relief DeSantis gas tax proposal Florida gas tax proposal Florida gas tax relief Florida online sales tax law bottled water tax on water extraction in Florida

Renewed Calls for Severance Taxes on Bottled Spring Water

Amid a debate over water extraction from Florida’s springs, Florida Sen. Annette Taddeo (D) has introduced a bill (SB 562) which, if enacted, would establish an excise tax on water extraction beginning July 1.

4 min read
UK taxes, UK tax reform 2021 UK tax reform British tax reform, 2021 UK budget

Brits to Prepare for Tax Reforms

Tax hikes or spending cuts implemented early in the year might undermine the desirable rapid recovery of the economy. The UK should focus on implementing tax reforms that have the potential to stimulate economic recovery by supporting business investment and employment while increasing its international tax competitiveness.

4 min read
PA tax increase, PA income tax proposal Governor Wolf Gov. Wolf PA income tax increase Pennsylvania tax increase proposal

A $6 Billion Tax Increase Proposal in Pennsylvania Would Yield the Nation’s Highest Combined Flat-Rate Income Taxes

Under the budget introduced by Gov. Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania’s flat personal income tax rate would increase by 46 percent, partially offset by an outsized increase in the poverty credit, which would see a family of four eligible for partial relief due to poverty until they reached $100,000 in taxable income—four times the poverty line.

6 min read
Soda tax soda taxes on sugary drinks sugar taxes soda tax

Sugar Taxes Back on the Menu

At least four states—Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, and Washington—are considering statewide excise taxes on sugary drinks this year.

4 min read
International tax rules, International Tax rules House Democrats' covid-19 relief proposal

An “Interest”ing Tax Hike in the COVID-19 Relief Proposal

As the House Ways and Means Committee continues working on the latest round of fiscal relief amid the pandemic, one curious provision in the legislation is a tax hike on multinational companies. One section of the legislation would repeal a provision in current law that allows U.S. multinationals to choose to allocate their interest costs on a worldwide basis (more on that in a moment).

4 min read
Maryland digital advertising tax litigation internet tax, Maryland digital ad tax, Maryland tax increases and Maryland tax proposals 2021

Tax-A-Rama in Maryland

The potential override of Gov. Larry Hogan’s (R) veto of a digital advertising tax (HB732) looms large over the current legislative session in Maryland, though it is only one of many tax proposals under consideration in the state.

7 min read