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In The News Connecticut, home to great wealth, may be sinking into a fiscal mire interviewed Tax Foundation Policy Analyst Morgan Scarboro about Connecticut’s overreliance on taxing the wealthy to balance its budget.

National Review

National Review Op-Ed: Full Expensing Encourages More Growth than a Corporate-Rate Cut Read

For National Review online, the Tax Foundation’s Kyle Pomerleau shows how moving away from depreciation to full expensing of capital investments would create more economic growth than a corporate rate cut that costs the same amount of revenue.


WAMU (NPR): Should D.C. Lower Its Estate Tax?

D.C. policymakers are being pressured to delay a scheduled increase in the district’s estate tax exemption. The Tax Foundation’s Joseph Henchman tells WAMU why D.C. should allow the enacted tax cuts to go into place.


Bloomberg: Preference for Interest Deduction May Snarl GOP Tax Plan

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Tax Foundation Director of Federal Projects Kyle Pomerleau explains the tradeoff between the interest deduction and full expensing, and how full expensing is a key tax reform provision for boosting economic growth.

Politico Magazine

Politico Op-Ed: What Trump Can Learn From Kansas’ Tax Troubles

In Politico Magazine, The Tax Foundation’s Kyle Pomerleau, Scott Drenkard, and John Buhl explain how federal policymakers should study Kansas to understand the problems with cutting tax rates but not broadening the base, as well as the issues created by taxing pass-through business income differently than wage income.

The New York Times

The New York Times: The 7 Key Elements of the White House Tax Plan

The New York Times cites Tax Foundation analysis on the estate tax in its review of the Trump administration’s tax proposal.

Associated Press

Associated Press: A Budget Deficit Challenge for Trump’s Tax Plan

Tax Foundation Economist Alan Cole tells the Associated Press that while corporate tax cuts can help boost growth, the cuts won’t pay for themselves.

The Hill

The Hill: GOP under pressure as tax reform deadline slips

In an interview with The Hill, Tax Foundation Economist Alan Cole explains that a temporary tax cut would do much less to boost economic growth than comprehensive tax reform.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: ‘Tax Freedom Day’ was Monday in Georgia

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covered the release of the Tax Foundation’s “Tax Freedom Day” report, showing when the nation as a whole, and each state, have earned enough in the year to pay off their cumulative tax bills.


KPCC (NPR): Despite ambitious incentive program, film and TV production in LA falls

Tax Foundation Vice President of State Projects Joseph Henchman joined the radio show “AirTalk” on NPR affiliate KPCC to discuss the issues with California’s film tax credits.

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