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The New York Times

The New York Times: House Tax Plan May Shift Use of Corporate Debt

Tax Foundation Economist Alan Cole speaks with The New York Times about the proposal in the House GOP tax plan to eliminate the net-interest deduction.

Louisiana AP

Louisiana AP: Gov. Edwards unveils long-awaited tax plan for upcoming session

The Associated Press of Louisiana cites Nicole Kaeding’s analysis of gross receipts taxes, with Gov. John Bel Edwards proposing such a tax.


CNBC: What are the prospects for tax reform?

Kyle Pomerleau, director of federal projects at the Tax Foundation, weighs in on the prospects for tax reform on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley.”


Politico: A No-SALT Diet

Politico’s Morning Tax newsletter includes a review of new research from Tax Foundation Policy Analyst Jared Walczak on the policy rationale and use of the state-local tax deduction.

The Financial Times

Financial Times: Talking with the taxman about pot

The Financial Times cites Tax Foundation data on a story about state legalization and taxation of marijuana.


CNBC: The next tax battle is here, and it’s a bigger chunk of money than border adjustment

CNBC quotes Tax Foundation Economist Alan Cole on the House GOP proposal to eliminate the net-interest deduction.

Fox Business

Fox Business: Would a border tax incentivize companies to move factories to U.S.?

Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge talks with Fox Business host Stuart Varney on a potential border adjustment tax and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin seeing tax reform achieved by August.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic: Where U.S. Companies Stand on the Border Adjustment Tax

The Tax Foundation, an independent research organization on tax policy, has stated that a border adjustment is trade neutral, and that characterizing it as a tax increase on consumers is “incorrect” because they don’t anticipate an increase in prices.

Fox Business

Fox Business: When to Expect Trump’s Tax Cuts

Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge discusses the state of federal tax reform and when we might expect it with Stuart Varney of Fox Business.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic: So What Is A Border Adjustment?

On Thursday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said something sufficiently confusing that for a minute, people believed that the Trump administration intended to raise funds for a border wall by imposing a 20 percent tariff on all imports from countries with which the U.S. runs a trade deficit— including Mexico. It soon became clear that Spicer was not talking about a tariff per se…

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