Lowest and Highest Property Taxes

March 17, 2010

AOL Real Estate writes about the states with the highest and lowest property taxes, using our research:

A 2009 Tax Foundation ranking shows that the 10 states with the lowest property taxes are all in the South. The homeowners there pay, on average, less than $1,000 a year in property taxes, while those in the East can pay more than six times as much.

A Tax Foundation map of states (pictured) shows 16 states, highlighted in blue, where residents pay in property taxes 1.2% or greater of their home’s value. The 19 white states fall between 0.65% and 1.20%, while the 15 yellow states pay the least.

But who are the top best and worst? Check out the gallery to find out, starting with the fifth highest state, Rhode Island.

The table of rankings they mention is here.

The map they mention is here, and pasted below.

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