December 5, 1987

The Tax Foundation, 1937-1987: The First Fifty Years

Download The Tax Foundation, 1937-1987: The First Fifty Years

The Tax Foundation will be 100 years old in the year 2037. Founded in 1937, celebrating its 50th birthday in 1987, the Foundation has stuck to its knitting of providing basic information for individuals, companies, students and citizen organizations on government spending, taxes and debt. “Toward Better Government Through Citizen Understanding” has been its motto from the beginning, and will be its guiding star in its second 50 years.

Who started the Foundation? Why? What has it accomplished? What does it hope to do in the coming decades? How does the Tax Foundation guard its reputation for objective, nonpartisan analysis of Federal finances and tax policy trends?

The Foundation’s reputation for reliable data is the root of its unique credibility with Congress, the media, and the loyal sponsors who have kept its lamp lit for five decades. To those supporters of this experiment in unfettered, non-government, nonprofit oversight of an ever-growing bureaucracy, this story of the Tax Foundation’s past-and its hopes for the future-is respectfully dedicated.

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