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Net Operating Losses (NOLs)

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Weighing the Benefits of Permitting Business Credit Cashouts in Phase 4 Economic Relief

As lawmakers explore options for “Phase 4” coronavirus relief legislation, one idea that has received renewed attention is allowing businesses to cash out business tax credits. This proposal would be strengthened by also permitting acceleration of firms’ accrued net operating loss (NOL) deductions and designing the proposal so that firms can quickly convert these tax assets into cash.

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Norway Opens the Fiscal Toolbox

Norway passed a large coronavirus tax relief package to address layoffs and bankruptcies, which includes a reduced VAT rate, the introduction of a loss carryback provision, and targeted postponements for wealth tax payments, among other provisions.

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Tax Policy to Bridge the Coronavirus-Induced Economic Slowdown

Tax policy can help by giving businesses current access to future tax “assets”—deductions and credits the businesses will be allowed or owed over time any way under current law—instead of making them wait.

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Tax Options for Economic Relief During the Coronavirus Crisis

Instead of simply reaching for fiscal stimulus with the goal of increasing economic activity, tax policy changes can give vulnerable individuals and businesses additional liquidity and space to survive the reduction in economic activity needed in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

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