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One of our greatest marketing strengths is our outsized media presence. We’ve worked hard over the last year and a half to increase our impact by producing more op-eds, cultivating better relationships with key journalists at quality publications, and earning more high-profile television and radio spots.

This year, we’ve continued to pursue that strategy, earning more citations in the nation’s top outlets. That’s allowed us to shape the national discussion on taxes and push back against rhetoric from other better-funded groups.

Below are a few key indicators of how we led the debate so far this year. To dive deeper, you can download our full 2018 Midyear Marketing Report at the link below.

2018 Midyear Marketing Report

2018 Midyear Metrics

 The Tax Foundation is Cited by the Supreme Court

On June 21st, the Supreme Court handed down its anticipated decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, a landmark case on internet sales taxes.

SCOTUS Wayfair online sales tax

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Wayfair case was nearly identical to the recommendation we made in the brief we filed this March. In fact, our brief was cited twice in the majority opinion.

As soon as news broke of the Court’s decision, we were one of the first groups to spring into action to provide in-depth analysis to taxpayers and the media. By the end of the day, our analysis had been viewed over 20,000 times online and cited in 835 news stories.

Amplifying Our Cause Online

Since launching an improved in 2017, we’ve leveraged the platform’s new capabilities to expand our online reach and boost audience engagement. Compared to last year, traffic is up by over 41 percent, downloads have increased by 60 percent, and our email subscriber base has grown by over 78 percent.

At the same time, we have begun to lay the groundwork for a robust new digital ad program, which has allowed us to expand our network to new, targeted audiences, generating over 2 million new impressions and over 12,000 ad clicks so far in 2018.

2018 Midyear Metrics

Celebrating 80 Years with the Vice President of the United States

On November 16, 2017, the Tax Foundation was joined by Vice President Mike Pence and more than 700 of the tax community’s most influential executive branch officials, members of Congress, congressional staffers, and business leaders to celebrate the Tax Foundation’s 80th anniversary at our annual gala, Tax Prom.

The largest-ever Tax Prom took place just weeks before the passage of tax reform and on the same night as an historic House vote which would serve as the first step on the journey to successful tax reform. Before an energetic crowd our featured speaker, Vice President Pence, told attendees that “the Tax Foundation has made a difference in our national debate for generations. But if the Tax Foundation exists for any moment, it exists for moments like this.”


Continuing the Fight for Smart Tax Policy

It’s thanks to the support of our generous donors that we will continue to be an asset to our nation’s lawmakers and taxpayers in 2018 and beyond. Only by your generous contributions can we continue to move the needle towards meaningful tax reform that improves economies and empowers lives. If you would like to support our mission, consider making a contribution at the link below.

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