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Every day, we provide journalists across all media platforms the insight they need to keep America's taxpayers informed about important tax issues in their states and our nation's capital.

Each month, our experts and their analysis are featured in thousands of news stories across the country. In fact, we get cited about 10,000 times more per year than our closest competitor.

And we're not just effective, we're efficient. We receive more media coverage per dollar spent than any other policy group, regardless of their size.

2016 Impact Metrics

Building the Foundation for Federal Tax Reform

Tax reform isn’t just about fixing government finances, it’s about improving people’s lives. And to get reform right, it’s crucial that the leaders in Congress understand how their tax plans will impact the American worker and taxpayer.

Unfortunately, policymakers have been looking at their tax plans with blinders on for the last 30 years. For decades, Congress has assumed that changes to the tax code don’t impact the economy. But ask any business owner or family planner, and they’ll tell you that taxes have a real impact on their lives, and that they could use some relief.

Today, we’re doing something that’s never been done. We’re using our Taxes and Growth (TAG) Model to tell policymakers how their tax changes will impact jobs, wages, and economic growth.

Congressional members and presidential candidates regularly seek us out while crafting their proposals, asking to use the TAG Model to pinpoint the pros and cons of their plans. As a result, policymakers are devising more and more tax plans that streamline the tax code’s complexity and promote our competitiveness internationally.

For 30 years, projecting the economic impact of tax reform has been a holy grail for policy experts, and we found it. Policymakers didn’t have the tools they needed to produce pro-growth and pro-taxpayer reforms. Now that we’ve supercharged the debate with our TAG Model, they do.

2016 Federal Team Metrics

Building Relationships, Delivering Results

Every state is different, so our state team takes an on-the-ground approach, traveling across the country to learn about unique tax problems and offering meaningful reform options. In 2016, our 5-person team testified or presented in 35 states and D.C.

We recognize that high-quality research is irrelevant if it goes unread. In addition to presenting our analysis, our team has built relationships with policymakers and cultivated a reputation for impartial, impactful analysis that opens doors across the country.

A key example of this impact in action was our work in Oregon in 2016 educating policymakers, business leaders, and taxpayers about a proposed gross receipts tax increase: Measure 97.

This destructive proposal would have been the largest tax increase in Oregon's history, it would have hurt job creation, increased consumer prices, and would have disproportionately impacted low-income residents. Support for Measure 97 was strong, with politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren endorsing it at the national level. Fortunately, their voices were not strong enough to offset the Tax Foundation’s Nicole Kaeding, one of the proposal's most outspoken opponents.

Since Oregon announced the proposal, Nicole wrote eleven pieces on Measure 97 and gross receipts taxes. Over the course of three trips to the Pacific Northwest, she presented before hundreds of concerned taxpayers and was cited in more than 150 media outlets nationally and in Oregon.

Ultimately, come November, more than 59% of the voters rejected Measure 97, a huge win for Oregon taxpayers.

2016 State Team Metrics

Continuing the Fight for Smart Tax Policy

It's thanks to the support of our generous donors that we will continue to be an asset to our nation’s lawmakers and taxpayers in 2017 and beyond. Only by your generous contributions can we continue to move the needle towards meaningful tax reform that improves economies and empowers lives. If you would like to support our mission, consider making a contribution at the link below.