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The Tax Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 1937. We have no endowment and must raise our budget to support our programs each year. As a policy, we neither solicit nor receive financial support from any government entity.

Our 2015 revenue ($3,667,922) consisted of support from philanthropic foundations (35%), corporate contributions (37%), donations from over 1,600 individuals (14%), and events revenue and miscellaneous (14%). No one donor contributed more than 12 percent of our revenue.

Our 2014 expenses ($3,832,512*) consisted of $2.82 million (74%) spent on programs, $0.37 million (10%) on administrative costs, and $0.64 million (17%) on fundraising costs (in which we include donor outreach costs).

*In late 2015, a generous donor notified us of a $350,000 grant we would receive in 2015 for expenses to be incurred in 2015. GAAP and IRS rules require us to report that grant as revenue in 2014 and the expenses in 2015, altering the paper surplus and deficit picture for those two years. FASB is reviewing proposed rule changes on revenue recognition to address these differences.

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