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The State of Uncertainty: Reflections on BEPS and the OECD’s Two-Pillar Approach

Work on the OECD’s two-pillar approach has been progressing with the potential for sweeping changes in cross-border tax rules.

On November 2, Tax Foundation joined the European Tax Policy Forum (ETPF) for a virtual conference with top economists, who discussed the impacts that Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 might have on:

  • Tax certainty
  • Investment decisions
  • Country policy responses
  • Tax revenues and economic growth

Below, you can download the slides and research papers referenced throughout the conference.

Session 1: Has BEPS Solved Uncertainty?

Measuring Corporation Tax Uncertainty Across Countries

Quantifying the OECD BEPS Indicators – An update to BEPS Action 11

  • Download Slides from Christoph Spengel, Daniel Klein, and Christopher Ludwig
  • Download Slides from Nadine Riedel
  • Download PaperQuantifying the OECD BEPS Indicators – An update to BEPS Action 11 by Daniel Klein, Christopher A. Ludwig, Katharina Nicolay, and Christoph Spengel

Session 2: Revenue and Economic Impacts of OECD Pillars 1 and 2: What do we know?

Tax Challenges Arising from Digitalization – Economic Impact Assessment

  • Download Slides
  • Download Paper: Tax Challenges Arising from Digitalisation – Economic Impact Assessment from the OECD
  • Download PaperThe impact of the Pillar One and Pillar Two proposals on MNE’s investment costs by Tibor Hanappi and Ana Cinta González Cabral
  • Download PaperCorporate taxation and investment of multinational firms: Evidence from firm-level data by Valentine Millot, Åsa Johansson, Stéphane Sorbe, and Sebastien Turban

The OECD’s Unified Approach — An Analysis of the Revised Regime for Taxing Rights and Income Allocation

  • Download Slides
  • Download PaperThe OECD’s Unified Approach — An Analysis of the Revised Regime for Taxing Rights and Income Allocation by Kartikeya Singh, W. Joe Murphy, and Gregory J. Ossi

National Tax Revenue Effects of a Redistribution of Taxation Rights in the Context of Cross-border Profit Allocation

  • Download Slides
  • Download Paper (only available in German): Nationale Steueraufkommenswirkungen einer Neuverteilung von Besteuerungsrechten im Rahmen der grenzüberschreitenden Gewinnabgrenzung by Clemens Fuest, Felix Hugger, Florian Neumeier, and Daniel Stöhlker

Panelist Remarks: İrem Güçeri