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Hillary Says Rural America Is Struggling from Rising Food Prices

2 min readBy: Gerald Prante

Your daily dose of twisted thinking courtesy of Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton today said that Sen. John McCain was wrong to say he would veto the 2008 farm bill as President, noting it would provide South Dakota family farms with priorities like permanent disaster relief, country of origin labeling, renewable energy advances and rural development broadband deployment.

Yesterday, McCain told an Iowa audience, “”I do not support [the farm bill]. I would veto it.” McCain missed votes on the Farm Bill in 2007, and in 2002 called a farm bill critical to South Dakota family farms “an appalling breach of our federal pending responsibility.”

“Rural America is struggling in the face of skyrocketing energy prices, an economic downturn and rising food prices,” Clinton said. “Saying no to the farm bill would be saying no to rural America.”

“I noticed that Senator McCain said today in his statement in Iowa that he would veto the farm bill as well as he doesn’t support putting tariffs on foreign products coming into this country,” said Sturgis cattle rancher Fred McPherson. “What it looks like to me is that they’re not supporting the American farmer.” Click here to listen.

Clinton’s home state of New York has 34,000 family farms.

Senator Hillary Clinton made these remarks on the importance of the farm bill at the Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner in Butte on March 4:

“This Farm Bill needs to move and the president needs to get out of the way so that we can start taking care of rural America.”

Here’s the logic of Sen. Clinton: A farm bill is needed to help rural America. But rising food prices are causing Rural America to struggle.

Let me repeat that again. Rising food prices are causing Rural America to struggle, according to Senator Clinton.

It appears as if she will say anything to get elected.