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Tax Review Archive, 1943-1982

Tax Review was a semi-regular tax policy newsletter of the Tax Foundation from the 1940’s through the 1980’s. See a partial archive of past volumes below.

Volume PDF Download
Ability to Pay – April 1943 Click Here
Income Tax Simplification – July 1943 Click Here
The Small Income and the Sales Tax – October 1943 Click Here
The Future Role of Social Security – November 1969 Click Here
The Control of Government Expenditures – January 1970 Click Here
Tax Credits as Instruments for Social or Economic Policy – August 1970 Click Here
Revising Estate Taxation – April 1971 Click Here
The Honest Citizen’s Guide to Revenue Sharing – October 1971 Click Here
Improving U.S. Budget Choices – November 1971 Click Here
Property Tax: Who Pays? – April 1972 Click Here
Taxpayer Choices in Future Tax Shifts – November 1972 Click Here
Capital Gains, Losses in Income Taxation – December 1972 Click Here
The Property Tax Under Fire – March 1973 Click Here
Estate and Gift Tax Revision – May 1973 Click Here
Taxing Capital Gains – August 1973 Click Here
Social Security Taxes: Regressivity and Subsidies – December 1973 Click Here
Social Security, Tax Reform and Capital Accumulation – February 1976 Click Here
Impact of Federal Estate and Gift Taxes – May 1976 Click Here
Full Employment Budget: How Good a Guide to Public Policy? – April 1977 Click Here
Property Taxation after the California Vote – August 1978 Click Here
Proposition 13: A Prostitution of Conservative Principles – September 1978 Click Here
Is Heavy Taxation of Capital Socially Desirable? – October 1978 Click Here
Adjusting Tax Rules for Inflation: Capital Gains and Capital Income – January 1979 Click Here
Issues in Social Security Financing – April 1979 Click Here
Value-Added Tax and the Financing of Social Security – May 1979 Click Here
The Oil Excise Tax: Another Government Windfall – October 1979 Click Here
Property Taxation: Classifying Types of Property to Differentiate Burdens – May 1980 Click Here
Monetary Discipline and the Fight Against Inflation – June 1980 Click Here
The Social Security Time Bomb – February 1981 Click Here
National Defense and Fiscal Policy – January 1982 Click Here