Tax Policy 101

Everyone can benefit from learning more about the taxes we pay and their impact on the world around us. Unfortunately, tax policy can be complex. Our goal is to make sure understanding it isn’t.

TaxEDU’s Tax Policy 101 form a comprehensive crash course ready for the classroom and designed to be accessible to anyone interested in raising their tax literacy, from students to legislative staff. These resources include:

  • Primers: downloadable resources to enhance your understanding of different tax types, how taxes influence behavior, and other basic tax policy information.
  • Explainer Videos: 60-90 second videos designed to be used in the classroom and shared across social media platforms as an accessible way to boost your “Tax IQ.”
  • Case Studies: downloadable tools for policy and business professors to help their students take a deep dive into important tax policy concepts and connect them to real-world outcomes.

For more information about the principles that guide sound tax policy and all Tax Foundation analysis, click here.

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