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Testimony: Taxes, Spending, and Addressing the U.S. Debt Crisis

A better-designed tax system should be a goal of any fiscal consolidation package. That said, our simulations suggest that even substantially higher tax increases are insufficient to curtail long-run debt-to-GDP growth.

14 min read
Wisconsin flat tax analysis of Wisconsin flat income tax proposal

Testimony: Considerations for Improving Wisconsin’s Tax Structure and Competitiveness

If Wisconsin policymakers return some of the projected continued revenue growth to taxpayers in a structurally sound and pro-growth manner, those tax cuts will benefit businesses and individuals throughout the state, leading to more innovation, more job and wage growth, more economic opportunities, and more vibrant communities.

30 min read
Testimony: The Fiscal State of the Union

Testimony: The Fiscal State of the Union

Federal spending, deficits, and debt are at unsustainable levels. The proposed federal budget is laden with redundant programs, obsolete programs, corporate welfare, and nationalized industries. As Congress begins to craft the FY 2024 federal budget, it needs to establish a process of systematically reviewing programs and priorities.

12 min read
Kansas sales tax groceries Kansas tax reform bill veto override

Testimony: Kansas Should Keep Groceries in the Sales Tax Base

Tax relief can take many different forms, but not all tax cuts have the same effects. Ultimately, maintaining broad tax bases while reducing tax rates is a more neutral and less complex approach than further narrowing an already-narrow sales tax base.

3 min read
Ireland consultation on OECD international tax proposals ,Tax Foundation Response to Ireland Department of Finance Consultation Document: Consultation on OECD International Tax Proposals

Tax Foundation Response to Ireland Department of Finance Consultation Document: Consultation on OECD International Tax Proposals

The recent effort to change international tax rules has been one of significant contradictions. The proposals have been driven by arguments about the need to raise additional revenues, to stabilize corporate tax rates, or to prevent offshoring. However, upon closer examination, these three arguments fail to capture what is occurring.

7 min read
Arkansas income tax cuts Arkansas tax reform Arkansas income tax reform Arkansas income tax cuts 2021 Arkansas remote work Arkansas convenience rule Arkansas Senate Bill 484 Tax Foundation testimony Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Looks to Eliminate Income Tax, Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin proposal to eliminate Arkansas income tax

Testimony: Convenience Rules and Remote Work in Arkansas

Remote work is here to stay. Convenience rules can’t change that. What they can change is the decisions people make. Under this rule, those decisions may not be to Arkansas’s advantage.

5 min read