November 20, 1997

Proceedings of the Tax Foundation’s 60th National Conference

Download Proceedings of the Tax Foundation’s 60th National Conference

“A Progress Report on Dynamic Revenue Estimating”

Welcome J.D. Foster, Ph .D, Executive Director and Chief Economist, Tax Foundation

Norman B. Ture Memorial Award James K. Glassman, Fellow, American Enterprise Institute Presented by J .D. Foster, Tax Foundation

Keynote Address “Straight Shooting — The Importance of Accurate Revenue Estimates” The Honorable James C . Miller III, Counsellor, Citizens for a Sound Economy

The View from the Joint Tax Committee ‘Kenneth J. Kies, Chief of Staff, Joint Tax Committee

Panel One: What We’ve Learned and Where We’re Going ‘Moderator Gerald M. Godshaw, Ph .D. Economist and Partner, Arthur Andersen LLP Panelists: Peter M. Taylor, Ph.D., Senior Economist, Joint Tax Committee Pamela Moomau, Ph.D., Economist, Joint Tax Committee William Sutton, Senior Economist, Joint Tax Committee

Panel Two: Some Friendly Advice — A View from the Outside Moderator: John G. Wilkins, Principal and Chief Tax Economist, Coopers & Lybrand LLP Panelists: Gary Robbins, President, Fiscal Associates, Inc. Eric Engen, Ph.D., Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Board Jane Gravelle, Ph .D., Senior Specialist in Economic Policy, Congressional Research Service

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