List of Revenue (Tax) Increases and Revenue (Tax) Decreases in Baucus Bill

October 21, 2009

Per CBO and JCT description, here is a list of the revenue increases and decreases in the Baucus bill, along with their 10-year score (2010-2019) in billions of dollars. We will be listing a summary of the spending provisions on Thursday.

Revenue Increases (many of which are taxes)

Penalty Payments by Uninsured Individuals ($4)

Penalty Payments by Employers ($23)

40% excise tax on health coverage in excess of $8,000/$21,000 indexed for inflation by CPI-U plus 1% and increased thresholds for over age 55 retirees or certain high-risk professions; levied at insurer level; employer aggregates and issues information return for insurers indicating amount subject to the excise tax; nondeductible; high 17 state transition relief ($201.4)

Employer W-2 reporting of value of health benefits (negligible)

Conform the definition of medical expenses for health flexible spending arrangements to the definition of the itemized deduction for medical expenses (excluding over-the-counter medicines prescribed by a physician) ($5.4)

Increase the penalty for nonqualified health savings account distributions to 20% ($1.3)

Limit health flexible spending arrangements in cafeteria plans to $2,500 ($14.6)

Require information reporting on payments to corporations ($17.1)

Additional requirements for section 501(c)(3) hospitals (negligible)

Impose annual fee on manufacturers and importers of branded drugs ($22.2)

Impose annual fee on manufacturers and importers of certain medical devices ($38.6)

Impose annual fee on health insurance providers ($60.4)

Study and report of effect on veterans health care (no revenue effect)

Eliminate deduction for expenses allocable to Medicare Part D subsidy ($5.4)

Raise 7.5% AGI floor on medical expenses deduction to 10%; AGI floor for individuals age 65 and older (and their spouses) remains at 7.5% ($15.2)

$500,000 deduction limitation on taxable year remuneration to officers, employees, directors, and service providers of covered health insurance providers ($0.6)

Fraud, Waste and Abuse ($2)

Premium Taxes for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research ($2.6)

Associated Revenues Resulting from Spending Changes ($11.6)

Revenue Decreases

Tax Credits for Small Business Employers ($23)

Provide income exclusion for specified Indian tribe health benefits (less than $50 million)

Simple cafeteria plan nondiscrimination safe harbor for certain small employers (negligible)

Qualifying therapeutic discovery project credit ($0.9)

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