Joe the Plumber Loves the FairTax But Also Likes Flat Tax

October 24, 2008

The Washington Times is reporting on its website the views towards taxation of the now famous Joe the Plumber:

During his brief discussion with Mr. Obama on Oct. 11, the candidate told the plumber, who had said he hoped to own his own company some day, that it was his intention to, as president, "spread the wealth around."

Mr. McCain has called the pledge socialist, and Mr. Wurzelbacher said Americans simply don't want that.

"Whether or not his tax plan, as he states it today, would help me, it still comes down to principles. I don't want someone else's hard-earned money. How can you be sure they're not going to change their minds and decide you make too much money and want to take more of it to 'spread' to someone else," the plumber wrote.

Mr. Wurzelbacher said he strongly supports the "fair tax," which would repeal federal income taxes established in the 16th Amendment of the Constitution and replace them with a progressive national sales tax.

"I like the principles of it, and especially the idea of doing away with the IRS. That being said, I'm a big proponent of the flat tax, which I believe would have the same effect and is just as fair. We all have to pay taxes for the defense of our country and certain basic government protections for the people. I would be interested in supporting and presenting either tax reforms to Middle America," he said.

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