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Tax Reform Isn’t Done

Congress recently passed the most significant piece of tax legislation in over 30 years, but that doesn’t mean tax reform is over. This panel discussion tackles the topic of what the federal tax policy debate will look like over the next decade. Topics include:

  • Many provisions in the recently passed tax bill are set to expire over the next eight years. How should Congress approach these upcoming expirations?
  • Tax policy expirations and extensions may result in economic uncertainty for households and businesses. How can Congress create a more stable federal tax code going forward?
  • The recent tax bill did not tackle every issue with the federal tax system. What parts of the U.S. tax code are still in need of reform?

Panelists include:

The discussion is moderated by Scott Hodge, President of the Tax Foundation and keys off of a recent study from Tax Foundation Senior Policy Analyst Scott Greenberg titled Tax Reform Isn’t Done.