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Talking Tax Reform: Reforming the Individual Income Tax

What Happened and What’s Next?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made significant changes to the way individuals are taxed.

In addition to lowering individual income tax rates and adjusting bracket widths, the TCJA doubled the standard deduction, expanded the Child Tax Credit, and scaled back several major deductions.

The result is a simpler individual income tax code. However, many of these changes are scheduled to expire in the next decade.

What should policymakers keep in mind as they think about the individual income tax code in the months and years ahead, and how does Tax Reform 2.0 fit into that picture?

To offer insight on this important topic, we’ve teamed up with H&R Block to host an exclusive panel discussion, Friday, September 28. Topics will include:

  • Recent changes to the individual tax code and their implications
  • The effects of reform on different income groups and the overall economy
  • When and how individual reforms are set to expire
  • What a second round of tax reform could look like

 Tax Foundation Director of Federal Projects Nicole Kaeding will moderate a discussion with the following panelists: